Definitely needing some motivation today 😅 It's cold as fuck here in the MidWest and getting to the gym in the morning has been a STRUGGLE for your girl!

I'm stoked to introduce you to my girl ABBEY FANGMAN! Abbey is a badass powerlifting athlete making massive changes in her life. She loves the gym community and has one hell of an inspiring TikTok presence.

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What brought you to the gym?

Abbey - What brought me to the gym was my car accident doctor appointment.

What are your goals right now? What inspires you?

Abbey - To become a better version of myself and to look better than before. What inspires me the most is watching others who regularly come in and find so much success it gives me more motivation for myself.

Abbey Fangman flexing shoulders at the gym in FAFO t shirt by Pseudo Force Gym Cltohes

What advice would you give to someone struggling right now?

My best advice to anyone struggling is make everyday a new day it doesn’t matter how many rest days you took or the bad foods you enjoyed out with good company. Turn everyday as a new day that helps build a strong routine and habits and down the road you could be day one everyday for over 2+ years.

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