Shipping Policy & FAQ

With the absolute fuckery that is modern day shipping, I truly appreciate your patience in delivery of orders. Seriously - being a one woman shop I genuinely appreciate you!

A few things to note...

Once I drop off orders at the post office, I do not have control of your order. 

Sad, I know. Scenarios like this includes:

  • Where your mail man leaves your order (at your home, your neighbors, etc).
  • If your order arrives at the time you're told it will from USPS.
  • Your order is stuck in a status
  • The condition your order arrives in.

PS This is a subset of a much larger list. I'll add to it as more shipping fuckery ensues. 


I partnered with Route Shipping Insurance to help with these issues!

I partnered with Route shipping protection to help my customers with difficult and hella annoying delivery issues.

When you check out you will see Route Shipping Protection added to your order (~$.98 for orders under $100).

Route Insurance will give you a full refund for

  • Lost in transit orders
  • Damaged deliveries
  • Did not receive orders
  • Stolen packages (dickheads)

To file a refund for ANY of the above, please submit an issue claim with Route


"My order is 'In Transit Arriving Late' with USPS tracking

Due to USPS shipping delays, some packages may have a status of  “In Transit Arriving Late". This means it is delayed somewhere along its journey and isn't going to be delivered on time.  


Many customers receive their order two - three days after the estimated original or extended delivery date.

Sadly, I can't help here. Give it a couple additional days. If nothing happens, file with Route if you purchased insurance or  fill out a missing package form request with USPS. 

"My tracking says it's delivered, but it's not at my address"

This one is fun - check with your neighbors to see if it was mis-delivered to the wrong address. We unfortunately do not have any more information than what is stated on the tracking.

If you still can't find it, please fill out a missing package form request with USPS. or file a missing order with Route if you purchased insurance.

"What if I put the wrong address on my order?"

Please check your order to make sure the order address is correct before purchasing. If the address is incorrect, we are not liable for incomplete/inaccurate addresses as stated on order, but contact us so we can watch to see if the order is returned to us.

If it is, you will be asked to pay an additional shipping fee.