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Shipping Policy

With the absolute fuckery that is modern day shipping, I truly appreciate your patience in delivery of orders.


Order processing

All orders are processed within 5-12 business days before being shipped.

⚡️ On occasion, an order may say it has been "shipped", but hasn’t had a status update in a few days. This means your order is still being processed (see above) - thank you for your patience while I run this small biz on my own!


Shipping times

The following estimates are in addition to the processing time frame above.

  • Continental US orders: 5-7 business days
  • International orders: 3-6 weeks

Please note Pseudo is not responsible for customs fees + taxes.

After your order is dropped off at the delivery service, I cannot help further. Please contact the delivery service for help with delivery issues like,

  • Stuck in a status (in transit, etc)
  • “Delivered” but not at your home


Select Route Shipping insurance

I partnered with Route shipping protection to help my customers with difficult and annoying delivery issues.

When you check out you will see Route Shipping Protection added to your order (~$.98 for orders under $100).

Route Insurance will give you a full refund for

  • Lost in transit orders
  • Damaged deliveries
  • Did not receive orders
  • Stolen packages
To file a refund for ANY of the above, please submit an issue claim with Route