An unfiltered and edgy collection of gym clothes for badass people! Designed, screen printed, + shipped from Pseudo Force HQ. We're on a mission to make everyone in the gym feel like a bad mother fucker.


Hey Baddies + Daddies,

It's me, Allie! Ever since I can remember I have always been into art + digital design! As a little girl I wanted to be an artist, but as a millennial I believed it would be difficult to make a living. So I went into the sciences and graduated from Iowa State University with my bachelor's in genetics.

Fast forward 15 years when I was at work mapping out a process on a whiteboard. A  colleague walked past my desk and said, "Your handwriting is amazing! You should turn it into a font and sell it!". Instead I decided to explore lettered art.

I started making custom posters for friends and family, sharing my journey on Instagram. People quickly asked for copies of posters, which led me to learn Adobe Illustrator and set up my first ecommerce on Etsy. 

At the start of our Covid era, I leaned into Pseudo Force while working from home fulltime. I took Gary Vee's advice and began posting on TikTok - and it went viral! Pseudo's customers + audience were asking to make t shirts. I did what any other ADHD high achiever would do - I learned to do it myself!

In early 2022 I turned my basement into a screen print warehouse! We had our fist apparel drop in April + we sold out! Within months Pseudo was making 4x what I did at my full time career in ag tech! When we were called back to the office I turned in my resignation letter + went full time on Pseudo Force! 


Something was missing in my gym closet

Surprise! I was once a beginner in the gym. I felt self conscious while on my weight loss journey + craved feeling an ounce of confidence. I remember strolling through TJ Maxx racks hoping to find something motivating as fuck. All I could find was "live, laugh, love".