About us

Hi! I'm Allie!

Founder and CEO of Good-Ass Vibes at Pseudo . Pseudo Force started as an outlet for me to be creative. I was making posters for friend and family with pen and paper in 2018 after a colleague commented on my handwriting!

I leaned into my creative work during the pandemic + things really popped off. After a viral TikTok, my friends on social encouraged me to make a t-shirt. The thing is...


My toxic trait is I think I can do everything myself


In early 2022 I turned my basement into a screen print warehouse! By April I had my first tshirt drop and left my full time job last fall! 


Today I design all Pseudo's apparel and screen print in-house!

About our name

Okay, we’re going to get a little nerdy here.

In the world of physics, the term pseudo force is “an object in motion stays in motion. But this motion is only felt by the observer”.

Okay, now in REAL PEOPLE terms, here’s how I think of it. When you’re driving to Starbucks, someone cuts you off + you slam on your breaks. Your car stops, but you keep moving forward.

When it feels like your world is stopping, I want Pseudo’s messages to be what moves you forward.

About our logo

Back to the world of physics, force is defined as "everything has an equal and opposite reaction".