Happy Motivation Monday Baddies + Daddies 😤

Kimberly has become a BOSS friend of Pseudo Force since we first pivoted to gym clothes!! This midwest girl truly is "that bitch" in the gym and someone you'll want to keep in your Instagram Favorites!


You Did Not Wake Up Today To Be A Weak Ass Bitch®T shirt


Pseudo Force: What made you start going to the gym?

Kimberly: Originally I was brought to the gym to be the smallest version of myself, as I progressed in my journey I "unlearned" that culture and decided I would much rather be strong!

- Hell fucking yes girl!

You Did Not Wake Up Today To Be A Weak Ass Bitch® Sweatpants
Olive Green Beanie


Pseudo Force: What are your goals right now?

Kimberly - My long-term goal is to create healthy habits (consistent w/ 10k steps, water intake, working out min. 4x weekly) fitness specific goals are to ;; squat 200lbs- Bench 115lbs and to focus on intuitive eating.

Ok, but those weekly habits are hard sometimes I hear you girl!



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Pseudo Force: What advice would you give to someone struggling right now?

Kimberly - KEEP FUCKING GOING. Consistency is key! Some movement is ALWAYS better than no movement. If you're in your head thats fine, take a day and allow yourself to feel the feels. Don't stay there. Pick yourself back up!

You can keep up with all the gym badassery Kimberly is up to on Instagram


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