Hey bestie!

If you didn't hear, USPS stated to expect even LONGER wait times for delivery. 

I'm so fucking sorry, it's already a pain in the ass getting your orders in time (let alone it not getting lost in transit).

How PFS is responding

Sadly, there isn't much more I can do other than continue with normal operating procedures. Below is a brief overview!

Normal OP.

Processing will remain the same (5-8 business days) before an order is dropped off at the post office.

Please remember, once an order is dropped off there is nothing I can do to ensure your package gets to you. You can file a missing mail with USPS

Anticipate 5 - 30 days for your order to arrive.

At this time, PFS will not send out another order due to delivery delays or "in transit" statuses. 100% of original orders have arrived after 15-30 days beyond the original estimated delivery date. 

Add Route Package Insurance to your order!

If you've recently added an order to your cart, you'll notice "Route" is automatically added for an additional $.98. 

Route is a service that helps myself as the seller and you as the buyer!

  • Ever had a package stuck in "In Transit" status?
  • Did your order say "Delivered" but it's not at your doorstep?

If the above happens for your, please visit Route to file your claim for a quick and seamless resolution!



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