This month we have had INCREDIBLE October vibes here in Des Moines Iowa! 
I've been spending my mornings outside on my deck watching the sun rise, sipping coffee, and cuddled up in a blanket snuggling my boys (my dogs)
IDK if you're anything like me (you probably are, we're besties I mean), but I am VERY "locked in" this last quarter of the year. It's always been like this for me - I feel focused, disciplined, and ready to fucking dominate my goals I set the start of the year. 
This was my muse for this month's drop and why I'm calling it "locked in" . More cozy badassery to keep you locked in to kicking all of the ass 😈




Last month I dropped the "Opportunity Pants" so naturally this month needed a bit more sass. I present to you the "Audacity Pants". Every time you put them on you will have the audacity to go as relentless as a Karen trying to tell you how to live your life.

Military Green, inspired by my current leg sleeve tattoo process. They look pretty badass 😎



All heavy weight. It's getting a bit too chill.


I had a couple requests for zip up hoodies. The perfect time to do another Weak Ass Bitch print 😎 

I was a little nervous to turn the Full Fucking Send into a hoodie with my large lettering. Holy shit tho, she turned out *chef kiss. The sleeve with triple logo, IDK what it is but I LOVE it. 

You Fucking Matter

I know I'm a little late to the party, but your girl is a big fan of all things mental health. This is for those of us who want to make people feel worthy. You, existing as yourself, are a priority and deserve good shit happening to you.

Wearing this shirt, I hope you feel the power you're giving to those that read it.

Thank you Jeramey for the idea! 



A couple restocks this month: Weak ass bitch t (bro, we went viral on tiktok again 🤯) and a customer favorite - the overturn of Roe vs wade is small dick energy. Just in time for midterm elections

This drop will go live on Friday October 21 at 10:30 AM CST!

Hop on the email list for first dibs my friends!

♥️ Allie



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