Why you shouldn't care what anyone thinks about you

Why you shouldn't care what anyone thinks about you


Ok, I say this with love, I promise! I call this a loving bitch slap with my besties! And yes, this means you’re officially one of the gang 🥰

Nobody gives a fuck about your insecurities like you do.

Sometimes we stop ourselves from doing the shit we really want to do (or don’t stop what we really don’t want to do) because we worry about how we will be perceived.

Scared to wear the shorts? Fuck it, wear it anyway.

Worried what Karen will say about your new hair? Let her get in a tizzy and judge. She’s fucking upset with her soccer mom life anyway.

The net of it is - they are so busy thinking about what everyone is thinking about them to honestly give a fuck.

And if they do give you shit, they owe you twenty billion infinity dollars because that’s how fucking ridiculous they are for giving a fuck!


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