In the event you live under a rock (or you don’t spend hours scrolling through TikTok or Instagram), muscle mommies are basically the latest “that bitch” moment.

We’re talking the millenial Mary-Kate and Ashley of the gym industry, and we’re hella feral.

We have muscles, lift heavy as fuck, and eat so much fucking food.


muscle mommy splatter shirt gym girl taking selfie in locker room has the biggest quads. True muscle mommy mommy moment.

What does muscle mommy mean?

According to TikTok, a muscle mommy is

“A woman who has muscles, lifts heavy AF, and is an inspiration for others”.

Excuse me while I summon my 2016 fitness influencer self to tell her she doesn’t need to drink skinny margaritas anymore.


Are you a muscle mommy?

SO. To figure out if you’re any of these, I have laid out a scientific* work-flow to help you figure out if you’re a muscle mommy or nah. 



Welcome to the club, bitch!

You're officially in the Pseudo Muscle Mommy Club! 

Grab a muscle mommy shirt, crew necks and sweat shirt. Be sure to tag us in your stories!

 female powerlifter black crewneck sweatshirt


*When I say “scientific”, I got my bachelors in genetics in 2012. I need to feed my nerd ego a bit since leaving my FT in biotech.




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