Bro, what a fucking year.

One of my favorites so far in PFS young life. It definitely has been one of those where I was fucking terrified and did the hard shit anyways.

2021 was the year I learned that when you throw your whole heart and get back up after every failure, the universe rewards you. With progress, success, and opportunities others would think were delusional.

A subset of a much larger list of milestones this year:

  • I quit. Then came back with full tenacity
  • Set up my website - finally not fully reliant on Etsy.
  • I put everything into TikTok for 3 months. It exploded
  • Changed my content strategy - how do I want others to feel when seeing my brand.
  • Trademarked a slogan. Yeah, I hired a lawyer, sent cease and desist letters…the works.
  • Designed and made my own t shirt
  • Purchased an e-commerce course.
  • Purchased my dream camera.
sony alpha 7aiii dslr camera
  • Upgraded my dining room to my dream studio!
Black wall home office digital art studio
  • Made AMAZING kick ass friends through social


Thank you all for being a part of Pseudo Force Studio’s story! I can’t put to words how grateful I am for all of you <3


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