This next year my heart is set on doing the shit I fucking love. You know when you get lost in what you’re doing - you lose all concept of time, you roll with thoughts and ideas that surface your mind and something so fucking dope is created.

That’s flow.

If you’re anything like me (I mean you’re here so I assume you are), you bite of more than you can chew. Although with good intentions, I often become overwhelmed, unorganized and just don’t do fucking anything.

We’re not about that in 2022.

Things I’ll continue doing

  • Creating motivational art
  • Creating content (Tiktok, IG, YouTube, blogs)


The following things will be changing in 2022:

I will not be available for custom art work, including logo design, posters, shirt designs, etc.

My calling in life is to create what inspires me. I strongly believe that the shit I imagine up are meant for someone - the art, the message, the delivery.

When I’m not doing what I love, when I’m not in my high vibe energetic state, I don’t have the space for opportunities and ideas to flourish.

Bartering cost, waiting for feedback, no direction of what is wanted. It kills the creative in me.

There’s one thing to have an idea, there’s another about being a doer. I can’t put my vibe into something that didn’t originate as mine.

Stationery (notebooks, notepads, etc) will be removed

I love the final product, I loath the creating process. I will keep my designs, but they will be available as downloadable PDFs you can print or use on your iPad. You will be able to find them on my personal blog (www.allieruby.com) at a very affordable price.

Use Route for damaged or lost orders

Route is an insurance option automatically applied at checkout. If you choose to not include it in your purchase ($.98), I won’t be replacing any orders.

If you did purchase Route and have a damaged order, I will ask you to file the damaged good with them.

Email for order issues

I love love LOVE talking with you bestie on social media! To help me stay organized, please send any issues you have with your order to PFS email.

Wrong address issues

At times PFS gets back packages and people asking for me to update their address. When this happens, I need to make a special trip to the post office to grab your package, repackage the order in new shipping material, create and purchase a new label.

Please make sure your order has the correct address :) This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it really throws a wrench in my process!

Thank you all for understanding these changes! I am so fucking stoked to put all my fucks in making badass vibes for you in 2022 <3


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