All right, the first drop of the fucking year!



I chose this phrase for the start of the year because for me, this phrase isn’t about don’t mess with me kind of thing.

Instead, it means I’m gonna fucking do anything + everything I can to make my life majestic as fuck. Learn the lessons as I go + figure out how to do shit the way that works for me.


I wish this mindset for you, you beautiful radiant bitch 😈

I hope you love these new designs as much as I do



I wanted this design to be a little more bold and out there. Kinda like how allf of us who wear pseudo is at our core 😈

The messy writing fuck around and find out directly across from the pocket just gives that a little extra razzle dazzle.

OF COURSE BLACK. I mean you can’t go wrong it’s black all year.



The OG hand writing of Pseudo. I have to keep this style and traditional chunky ass letters, the huge "fuck". 

I did choose a different kind of T-shirt. This is like a vintage style. It’s a little bit heavier (I am in the Midwest and it’s fucking cold in January), but it still has that hella soft and stretchy feel.



OK I get it. This is not have fuck around and find out written on it but I just had a fucking genius idea and I wanted to throw it out there.

Your girl has been working on trademarking "you did not wake up today to be a weak ass bitch" for the past year and a half. I know this is the year it’s gonna happen 😈

I’ve been very inspired by the old English style writing, and if you couldn’t tell, already were kind of migrating from "pseudo force studio" to "pseudo force", and you’ll even catch me just saying "pseudo".

SIDE NOTE: If you haven’t watched this video, yet on Instagram, I made describing the name check it out here and why I chose it


Of course I like to throw just a lot of random ass shit at whatever we’re making because I feel like it adds more of that street where meets gym clothes meets I’m gonna wear this on my body until the day that I die. It’s just a vibe.


Fuck T-shirt

This I feel like is very on brand with Pseudo. 

A little bit chunky your letters than what I normally do because I really want this to be a huge fucking statement on neutral ivory tee.

This material is the same as the fuck around and find out T-shirt. We’re doing a vintage style a little bit heavier than normal, but still soft and stretchy.


I hope you fucking love this drop as much as I did coming up with it and making it! Seriously, as I'm designing + screen printing I imagine what each item means to you 🥹 Please send me a DM telling me what your story!

I don’t have any plans of restocking any of these, in fact, I don’t have any plans to restock in 2023, so if you were wanting to get one please hop on that email list. I will text you and email you the moment they are alive. Let’s fuck around and find out.

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  • Jenn Miller: January 16, 2023
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    Fuck. Yes.

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