Waddup fam!

So you recently purchased a print and you’re stoked as fuuuck to get it on display. You’ve also been

  • Imagining several different places you want to put it.

  • Contemplated the endless inspiration you’ll get from it.

  • Fantasizing about the compliments you will receive.

However, there’s one problem.

Where do you get a badass frame for it?!

Fear not fam, I gotchu 🤘

Find these frames at every millennial woman’s favorite store.

That’s right, Target baby!

The exact frames I get here are

Why I love these frames:

I’m always going to Target. I kid you not, Target has been roughly a 5 min drive from my home, wherever that is, for the past 10 years. I love the feels I get going in; the smooth glide of the cart, coffee aroma from Starbucks, & the enticing dollar bins at the entrance.

Target, you are a vibe.

They are ridiculously affordable. For $4 - 5$ for the smaller frames, I have zero guilt adding them to my cart (given I didn’t put a ton of unnecessary things from the dollar bins 😅). Most of my prints are 8x10 in & these baddies cost only $5! I don’t think you can get that on Amazon!

They are aesthetically badass. I’m convinced the frame is made of pressed wood, but I honestly have zero complaints. My go-to colors are white or black (are we really surprised with my home aesthetic?).

Not only do they look good - they feel good! I like that they’re not plastic and have real glass!

PFS prints that look bomb in these frames.

Grab a new print from the shop and see what they look like in these frames below! 





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